Saint Paul Catholic Center

171 S. Main
P.O. Box 950
Hurricane, UT 84737

Sunday Services:
12:30 pm

Saint Paul's Treasures Thrift Shoppe
Wednesday 10 to 2
Thursday 11 to 3
Friday 10 to 4
Saturday 10 to 1


Visit the Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City website by clicking here.
Welcome to St. Paul Catholic Center


We welcome you to Saint Paul Catholic Center!  We wish those who visit here be blessed with joy, peace and love.  If you are new to Saint Paul Catholic Center, please sign our guest book.  If you would like to register as a member of our community please fill out a registration form which is located on the desk at the side of the hall.


Le damos la bienvenida a San Pablo el Centro Católico. Deseamos a los que visitan aquí sean bendecidos con alegría, paz y amor. Si usted es nuevo en San Pablo el Centro Católico, por favor firme nuestro libro de visitas. Si usted desea registrarse como miembro de nuestra comunidad, por favor rellene el formulario de inscripción que se encuentra en el escritorio al lado de la sala.

We are one community nourished and transformed by the Eucharist. As the body of Christ we are led by the Holy Spirit to know, love and serve God and one another.

Number of Visits:  
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