Due to limited storage space and volunteers, we only accept donations when the main gate facing Main Street is open, Wednesday through Saturday.


Do Not Disrespect Our Church

Do not leave items/donations in front of or at the entrance to our church. Thank you!

  • Soiled, torn or damaged men's, woman's and kid's clothing.
  • Bed (sleeping) Pillows.
  • Soiled or torn linens.
  • Mattress's and or box springs
  • Large Kitchen appliances such as Refrigerators, stoves, washers etc.
  • Non-fuctional electrical or gas powered yard equipement (you must show that it starts and operates).
  • Large furniture items to include beds, head and footboards, dressers, table sets, etc.
  • TVs over 5 years old
  • Old PCs
  • Damaged tools
  • Non functioning battery operated tools or that do not have batteries and chargers.
  • Damaged sports equipment or equipment with missing parts.
  • ​Damaged picture frames.
  • Damaged camping equipment or equipment with missing parts.
  • Damaged bicycles. 
  • Coax cables
  • Used cieling fans or hanging light fixtures.
  • Soiled/damaged stuffed animals, dolls and play sets.
  • Incomplete toy sets.
  • Damaged musical instruments